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The Omineca Princess will be dismantled after 20 years

Deconstruction is expected to be completed by spring 2024
The Omineca Princess was decommissioned in 2004 and will be dismantled in spring 2024. (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure photo/Lakes District News)

The Omineca Princess will be dismantled and recycled after 20 years of being taken out of service in 2004.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure stated the Omineca Princess has been in secure moorage since decommissioning; they have decided to proceed with recycling and disposal of other decommissioned inland ferries in the southern interior in less specific locations before completing this recycling.

The vessel is currently berthed on the north terminal of Francois Lake and served since 1976. It completed 224,840 round trips [22 round trips each day] during its 28 years of service.

The 34-car and 200-passenger carrying ferry was later replaced by the 52-car Francois Forester in 2004.

The decommissioned ferry will be moved to the Southside terminal to be dismantled and recycled.

The ministry will continue communicating with the local community and area First Nations as plans for vessel movement and recycling firm up.

Waterbridge Equipment Inc. will lead the dismantling and recycling of the vessel. Other companies involved include Secure Energy Services Inc., DWB Consulting Services Ltd, Noot’senay Consulting LP, and GFL Environmental Inc.

With initial safe removal of asbestos [fibrous silicate mineral] work was done in 2009, the ministry’s goal is to recycle as much material as possible by the spring of 2024.

Deconstruction will occur onsite, and the materials will be transported to the appropriate recycling depots or disposal facilities.

Lakes District News asked the ministry if the vessel will be removed from the water for dismantling during press time; the ministry has yet to make any comment.

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