RCMP cruiser. (File photo)

RCMP cruiser. (File photo)

Thieves take catalytic converters

RCMP interested in finding two vehicles

Catalytic converter thieves struck a towing compound on Morice River Road between Sunday, March 20 and Monday, March 21, reports the Houston RCMP detachment.

Four catalytic converters, devices which convert pollutants into less harmful gases before being discharged from a vehicle’s exhaust system, were removed.

The converters contain amounts of precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium which can then be sold onward.

Thieves also took a set of wheels and tires from another vehicle.

RCMP say two vehicles seen near the tow compound around the time of the theft —a beat up black pickup and a smaller grey compact sedan.

“We hope that the public can provide information that will help successfully solve this matter,” said Cpl. Ryan Fillmore, the Operations NCO of the Houston RCMP detachment.

Houston RCMP welcome any information at (250) 845-2204.