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Through Time Magic Show

Burns Lake Public Library’s director was delighted to see so many happy faces leaving the library

The Burns Lake Public Library organized a Journey Through Time Magic Show on July, 12 at 2 p.m.

Magician Leif David based out of Kelowna is touring throughout the libraries of B.C. to perform his magic shows and inspire children across the province for coming to library to read magic books for summer activities.

He says he will drive about 10 thousand kilometers in the middle of forest fire. “I love being able to stop to places that normally you would not have a reason to stop in and I get a chance to meet the people and perform,” he said.

He states he loves the people of Burns Lake and the reaction of the kids when they smile and laugh.

David first started performing magic shows when he was eight years old by going to the libraries and kept that tradition ongoing.

Monika Willner, Library Director said, “The show was a huge success. We had almost 160 in attendance.”

She also said, the show involved participation from the audience where the children became part of the magical performances and their families enjoyed it.

Among all the wildfires, the library was able to deliver this wonderful performance to bring smiles and laughter at no cost to the community.

North Central Library Federation sponsored this event.

She commented, “It was really heartwarming to see so many happy faces leaving the library.”