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Tintagel road restrictions in place

BCWS announces area restrictions which are active from July 29
Map of Tintagel Area Restrictions. (B.C. Wildfire Service illustrations/Lakes District News)

The BC Wildfire Service is implementing an area restriction orders within the Nadina Fire Zone. The size of the area restrictions reflect the continued need to protect the public and first responders in areas where there is ongoing fire suppression activities.

The order took effect on Saturday, July 29 at 12 p.m. and remain in force until Aug. 31 at 12 p.m. unless otherwise rescinded.

The Tintagel area restriction order encompasses fires R11244, R11277, R11378, R11274.

Babine Lake Road remains open to those accessing roads and recreation sites on the western side of the road, the Burns Lake Transfer Station, and the recycling depot. Beginning at the 3.3 kilometre mark, roads and recreation sites on the eastern side of the Babine Lake Road are closed to public access.

The area restriction order includes closures and restrictions to the following: Star Lake Forest Service Road

Wolverine Forest Service Road

Marten Forest Service Road

Augier Main Forest Service Road

Pinkut Lake rec site and Ethel F. Wilson Park

Boot Road

Blue Jay Road

Augier Lake Recreation Site

Donald Landing Road

Co-op Lake Recreation Site

Tintagel Forest Service Road

Boer Mountain Recreation Site/Trail

Taltapin Lake Recreation Site/Trail

Division Lake Recreation Site

The following locations will have signs indicating an area restriction is in place. Augier 2km off highway 16

36km Augier restrict access eastward.

Augier Lake Rec. Road

Hannay/Trout Junction Location restricting access west on to the east end of Tintagel fire

Tintagel FSR

The area restriction in place reflect the continued need to protect members of the public and first responders in areas where there is ongoing fire suppression activities.

The order applies to crown land and the areas as defined below are effectively closed to public access. Note that those entering the area to travel to or from their residence, leased property, or recreational property may continue to do so. Those travelling in an official capacity, including those supporting wildfire suppression or industrial activities are also exempt from the Order.

Those wishing to enter the area who do not fall under the aforementioned categories may reach out to the Nadina Lakes Complex information team to attain written authorization to enter areas with the Order.

Contact:, 778-362-6020