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UPDATE: Bird-napped parrot returned to Salmon Arm store

The sun conure was taken from Critters on Monday, March 18
Ed’s World of Critters and Supplies is offering a $400 reward for the return of this sun conure parrot stolen from the store on Monday, March 18. No questions will be asked, they just want him back safely. (Critters Facebook photo)


The bird is back.

At around 12 p.m. on Thursday, March 21, Critters posted on Facebook that the stolen sun conure parrot has been safely returned to his perch in the store thanks to a tip received that morning of a man with a bird matching it’s description.

“One of our Critters, specifically bird loving employees, jumped into action by contacting the RCMP and then headed over to the area the man was spotted,” the post reads. “The man and bird were not hard to find, our employee engaged and sure enough, it was our sun conure!”

It adds that the whole “Critter Family” is relieved to have “a happy, healthy and talking sun conure back where he belongs,” and they’re certain he’ll soon be heading to his new, forever home with a loving young lady.

Original story

With assistance from a thief, a beloved parrot has flown the coop from Ed’s World of Critters and Supplies, with a $400 reward offered for his safe return.

The vibrant yellow and orange sun conure went missing from the pet store at around 11: 30 a.m. on Monday, March 18, manager Jenny Ritchie said, adding that staff had put him back in his cage at 11 a.m., but didn’t notice him missing until around noon. The bird-napping occurred while one staff member was unloading an order at the side door and another busy in the fish room, leaving just one attendant up front.

None of them witnessed the bird being taken, but Ritchie, who wasn’t working that day, said the exterior security cameras did show someone enter the store with an open backpack and leave with it securely zipped up. She added that the bird is valued at about $1,800, but that’s secondary to the bird itself.

“We’re more concerned with getting him back because it’s too cold out there for him,” Ritchie said. “We just want the bird back safely. We’re offering a $400 reward no questions asked. If you bring him back to us, we’ll be happy campers.”

Before reporting the theft to the RCMP, staff did ensure that the parrot didn’t disappear by some other means. Ritchie said they reviewed the outer security footage, there are no cameras inside the store and didn’t see the bird fly out the door. She also confirmed that they don’t currently have any on-site cats for adoption that would require interrogation.

The visually striking bird also makes a vocal impact and is “notoriously loud,” but when put into a dark space, such as a backpack, they go quiet. The chatty little bird is also “very friendly, and would have happily jumped onto someone’s hand,” making his theft even easier.

“There’s been a lot of community support,” Ritchie added. “That [Facebook] post has been shared a ton.”

She asks that anyone with information on the bird, which has a numbered band on his leg, or the person who took him to contact the Salmon Arm RCMP at 250-832-6044, or Critters directly at 250-832-0604.

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