Village council approves extra funding on top of grant

Burns Lake Fire Rescue Department to receive Red Cross Resiliency Community Grant

The Burns Lake Fire Rescue Department has been awarded a grant of $16,000 from the Red Cross Resiliency Community Fund to go towards an incident safety officer course. However they expect to go slightly over budget as they will also be purchasing more wildland structural protection equipment such as sprinklers, pumps and bladders.

According to Burns Lake Fire Chief Robert Krause, the shipping costs for the new equipment were higher then they initially expected, and a request was made to council to reallocate some of the existing budget for protective services to help cover the additional cost for the new equipment.

“Essentially instead of buying a couple of shovels, we would use some of that money to help with the shipping cost of the wildland structural protection equipment,” Krause said during the council meeting on Sept. 28.

Council motioned to approve the reallocation of funding.

Sheryl Worthing appointed as interim Director of Finance

A motion was carried by council to temporarily take over duties as Director of Finance for the village, until the recently hired Pamela Anderson takes over the position on Dec. 1.

Anderson, who grew up in Burns Lake, was previously a chartered professional accountant in Prince George.

VBL providing financial support for Lytton

The Regional District of Mount Waddington is seeking financial support for the Village of Lytton from other B.C. Municipalities. A wildfire devestated Lytton on June 30, 2021. The entire community was forced to evacuate, the town was destroyed and two people were killed.

The financial support request is to help rebuild the community.

Council made the decision to allocate $1,700 to Lytton from the ComFor reserve in support. “This is the right decision, I would hope that communities would rally around us if the situation was flipped,” one councillor said.