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Village of Burns Lake council briefs

Highlights from the Oct. 25 public meeting of Burns Lake mayor and council

Wildfire BC expansion

Several alternate sites were toured, as proponents and municipal officials explored the options for a larger facility for the town’s forest fire crews.

“I think it would be best for them if they went to the airport,” said councillor White. “We’ve got space for them there. Ministry of Forests has property out there.”

One of the reasons in aid of that option, he said, was so they did not opt for one of the land options behind Lakeview Mall.

“To me, that’s not necessarily a bad spot for them, but I just think there are better purposes for that property. It’s just a thought,” he added.

Traffic flow improvement coming soon

The traffic at one of the town’s most prominent intersection may soon be restored to its former flow.

The pattern has been altered, on occasion, at the junction of Highway 16, Centre Street and one arm of the Francois Lake Highway. It’s also the egress for Home Hardware, A&W, the Balmoral Plaza shopping area, Chevron, and more.

There are a lot of moving parts, and the current pattern was to reduce congestion. It has not been a popular move.

“It looks like we’re going to get permission to put that back the way it was,” said mayor Wiebe. Best of all, from fiscal and logistical standpoints, he said there was likely only a need for clear new signage to direct traffic, the infrastructure won’t probably need to be changed. “I’m encouraged about that.”

“I think everybody agrees it should go back,” said Bjarnason.

Some directions currently disallow turning certain directions, and that would be rectified. Large rigs would be channeled to the other, more commodious arm of Highway 35 instead of accessing the Francois Lake route from that point, a matter of less than 500 metres.

Honour for Rec Department

Sheryl Worthing acknowledged that Lewis Jones’s municipal team had earned an award for the Village of Burns Lake from the Burns Lake & District Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards held on Oct. 24.

“The Recreation Department won – Lewis, can you please read it out?”

“The 2022 Recreation, Leisure & Hospitality Excellence Award,” Jones completed. It was for the operation of the Lakeside Multiplex.

Worthing said “We are pretty proud because it’s the first award we have ever won from the Community Excellence Awards so that’s a pretty big acknowledgement.”

The trophy will be put on display at the multiplex facility.

Bonspiel plays for free

The Burns Lake Firefighter’s Association asked council to waive the curling rink rental fees

for their 2022 bonspiel. This annual event is a fundraiser for equipment and resources benefiting the Burns Lake Fire Department.

“Village staff will prepare the ice during regular working hours; the firefighters will be responsible

for pebbling the ice after hours, to avoid scheduling overtime for recreation staff,” said Director of Recreation Services, Lewis Jones in a report on the matter. “The firefighters will also help to clean the building after the weekend.”

Three options were presented to the councillors. One was to waive the rental fee completely, another was to charge only half the regular fee, and the third was to charge them the full rental fee for the municipal recreation facility. The public rate is $86.16 per hour.

Mayor Wiebe asked if the municipality would be “incurring any extra costs” by allowing unfettered access to the curling rink. No, none, was the answer.

“It is traditional, is it not, that they get the ice for free?,” said councillor White.

That was confirmed to be the practice.

“It would be from one pocket to the other, for us,” said Wiebe, acknowledging that any money the group paid to the municipality for the ice would come out of profits that they would be giving to the municipality for a fire department donation.

Councillor Rensby said “I’m all in favour of helping the fire department in any way, shape or form possible, and I’m proud to make a motion for Option 1,” waiving all fees for the event, “and that we keep this tradition going.”

The motion carried without opposition. The rocks will slide for free, with all money raised going to Burns Lake’s frontline emergency responders.