Burns Lake 1973

Way back Wednesday

The Village of Burns Lake was a incorporated on Dec. 6, 1923. Mr. Goodwin was elected assessor, tax collector clerk, treasurer, and returning officer. The village commissioners were Andrew R. Brown, Matthew F. Norris and Anthony Rudy, and the village began the business of civic government. The village water supply consisted of a communal pump and several wells. When a fire started in a hotel in 1926 there was no stopping it until the buildings on 1st Avenue were destroyed, including the post office, bank and stores. Rebuilding began immediately. Dominion Day Celebrations in the 1920s drew people from the whole district. There were pony races, bucking contests and baseball games. There was a free-for-all and a ladies race. In 1927 the newspaper was still advertising for settlers. The first plane landed in Burns Lake in 1928. The population in 1929 looked with pride as senses figures of approximately 226 people.