Eric is survived by his loving parents Virginia & David, Brothers & sisters: David Jr., Rachel – Marlon (Sara), Amber, Kyle, Darin (Cindy) – Devone, Kayden, Lakisha. Predeceased by sister Serena and brother Geoffrey, grandparents and aunts & uncles. It was a warm summer day August 28, 1971 in Burns Lake, when Eric was born. He was known for his hobby & passion for collecting hockey cards. He met many new friends who have shared the same interest for collecting and trading hockey cards. He loved hockey so much that he wanted to create a business in the exchange/trade/sell/purchasing of hockey cards. He wanted to create a website for his hockey club. He heard there were people who sold hockey cards and made a substantial profit. Eric’s favourite hockey team was Calgary Flames. During the hockey season, Eric will be wearing his favourite jersey. During Eric’s growing up years in Burns Lake he became known for his nick name Moose. Moose for taking charge of his destiny yet still making time for others. Moose, for making you feel good about yourself. Eric, or Moose, did take charge of his own destiny when he took the courses through the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. This was his most challenging & trying time. Learning and understanding the computer and learning business concepts courses. Upon completion, with the new skills and education, Eric decided to challenge a position as Security. Eric took the security training in Prince George which secured his position with Margaret Patrick Memorial Centre. Eric was a silent communicator. To some he was known for his patience. At ease in speaking only when spoken to and when he spoke he created wonderful fond memories with family. He enjoyed his surprise invitation to supper outing with his loving parents David and Virginia and Aunt Irene. Eric was always going to Sunday mass. He believed in prayers to the Creator. He prayed for those who have passed away so they will reach Heaven with open welcoming arms. Those relatives who have passed away were waiting for Eric as he passed on; leading Eric to Heaven’s door. Eric you have left wonderful memories in every person who had the honour to know you . Eric went to visit many of the members at the hospital to offer his support to the family during their time of need. He participated in the potlatch by helping his clan members by serving drinks or after the potlatch he would ask his clan members if they needed help with their goodies. Even though the hosting clan was not Bear clan, Eric would offer his help as he saw a need and he did not expect anything in return. Eric enjoyed helping others. Eric, Moose, Moo, Flash Man, you will be sadly missed by all. Rest in peace, God Bless you.

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