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Jennifer Lynn Buhler (wall)

February 24, 2003

Nov. 29, 1982 - Feb. 24, 2003

Jennifer was born in Burns Lake, she was three weeks late when she decided to make her entrance. Jenn continued to do things her way. . .always. Jenn was raised with a large extended family. On her father Reuben’s side there were 13 children, on her dad Abe’s side there were nine children, and on mom Barb’s side, five children.

Jenn was always bubbling over with energy to spare. She kept her sisters Kara and Kristy busy with skits, dress-up and make-believe. Jenn was always the “star” and the “director”. Jenn had dreams of becoming an actress most of her young life and in grade 12 she auditioned for an acting school from Pasa Dena, California. In high school her passion for acting was fuelled by her very favourite teacher Dave Hudson. Dave was one of the reasons Jenn stuck it out. She went from playschool through grade 12 in Burns Lake, with a short stop in grade 10 at Tumbler Ridge with her uncle Menno. Jennifer graduated in the first graduating glass of the new millennium, 2000.

In most recent years, Jenn’s interests shifted to astrology, life beyond this earth, and a lot of other spiritual things. Her love for life was infectous and she wanted to share her new knowledge with everyone. Jenn had begun to experience meditation and found it satisfied her soul. She was always trying to heal her loved ones, whether physical or emotionally. Jenn was kept grounded by her very best friend Sabrina (Bree). Bree kept Jenn fired up about all of the things she was learning at school in Campbell River. Like Iridology, reikki, meditation, touch healing, aura and more. Bree was one of the people in her life Jenn loved the most. Jenn’s dream was to open a healing shop she would call Shombola.

Jennifer always learned things the hardway. She wanted to experience life from every possible angle, and she did. She learnt so much in her short time here; she visited so many places, and made so many friends. Jenn never judged a person by what was on the outside, she always took the time to analyze the insides and regardless she learnt a lesson from everyone she encountered. She too left an impression on everyone she met. Jenn loved the outdoors, she loved the water, the forest, and the mountains. She especailly loved the ocean, she often said how she felt it pull her to it. When Jenn smiled, it was like the sun breaking through the clouds.

Jenn met Lutz when she was 15. Jenn and Lutz had a roller coaster ride for a relationship, they had break-ups but were always pulled back together by some force, perhaps fate. For they parted this earth together. They were living in Burnaby for the past year and were really maturing into wonderful young adults. The very last week of their lives were spent in Burns Lake with family and friends. It was the best visit we ever could have asked for. Jenn was so comfortable with herself, so relaxed, and so beautiful. Thank God whe was here for that week, it was a gift.

Jenn left behind a lot of clues that have left us feeling she knew that this time when she said good-bye, it was different. It got harder and harder for Jenn to go back to Burnaby. She was so terribly sad that morning she left, she left us poetry that morning. In her path shes left behind a lot of broken hearts and broken spirits, but she also left behind some of the best memories. Everywhere we look there are signs of her, around every corner something reminds us of her. There will always be beautiful things like shooting stars, sparkles on the snow, rainbows, and it will remind us that Jenn “is here.”

The Wall Family

Note from Kristy:

Jenn had an amazing outlook on life. . . I always knew she was my guardian angel, I’m just sad now because now she has to guide me from my heart and above me. . . not beside me.


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