Actions speak louder than words

Well it seems like the health care situation in Burns Lake is finally on an even keel.

Well it seems like the health care situation in Burns Lake is finally on an even keel.

That is to say that both the local doctors and Northern Health seem to be at peace with each other and at peace with the current situation.

Hopefully things can stay that way from now on.

The roller coaster of events over the past few months have resulted in community members crying out for increased support from not only Northern Health but also from the government.

We not only need an adequate number of doctors, but we, as a Lakes District community 10,000 strong deserve a hospital that we can be relied upon to deliver adequate services.

Those that live in cities are afforded such services …. are we considered less important?  Less of a priority?

It most certainly seems like it sometimes.

Health care is first and foremost on the minds of many locals.

And certainly those in the community that are living with a chronic illness that rely on the availability and constant care.

I am left to wonder why the local doctors had to go to such great extremes to be heard by Northern Health’s upper crust?

The old adage, ‘actions speak louder than words’ certainly seems to be the case in this instance.

When doctors went to the extreme of handing in their resignations from the hospital en-mass, discussed the possibility of the Burns Lake Medical Clinic closing and handed out lay off notices to medical clinic staff …..  suddenly Northern Health began to listen.

I think it really hit home to Northern Health that things are not quite right in Burns Lake.

Eventually, Northern Health got on the bandwagon. Suddenly meetings were held and discussions took place, locums were brought to relieve the over worked and over stressed doctors and two positions were advertised on the Northern Health website. Positions which, low and behold, doctors must have applied for.

Now it seems there is one doctor in the process of immigration from the U.S. and possibly another doctor on the way.

There are doctors out there after all.

So my question to Northern Health is simple.

Why was all of this not done before?

A little effort, a little communication and a lot of listening and you have a recipe for improved health care in Burns Lake.

Perhaps Northern Heath, who are a very top heavy organization should spread the weight. They need more people on the ground in the communities they ‘take care of’. This would surely be of benefit.

I will cautiously say that Burns Lake’s health care situation seems to be on the road to recovery …… now for the next hurdle …… the funding for the proposed hospital.

We have shown that we may only be a small community but we have demonstrated that we are not insignificant and that we will be heard far and wide.