Another kick in the face



Over the past year I received two speeding tickets for which I deservingly paid $138 for each one.

A couple of days ago, I got a very menacing letter in the mail stating that I owe $300 for six points to be paid by my birthday.

If I don’t pay this money by my birthday which is in just two weeks, I will then start incurring 19.8 per cent interest and I will not be able to renew my insurance.

If I continue to not pay after 30 days time they threatened to send me to collections and remove my existing insurances.

What has happened to the points system we all know where if you get over three points in one year (three points per speeding ticket) you can work them off, three points per ticket per year, thus paying no extra fine?

If you got another ticket in the following year, you owed even more points.  

This was the whole reason for the points system in the first place. It was to encourage good driving practices in the future for repeat offenders.

Yet again, the government has changed things into a money grab behind our backs.

Nearly $600 for two minor speeding tickets is ridiculous.

For most, that’s a month’s rent, or two month’s food bill and 19.8 per cent interest – that’s higher than most credit cards.

As far as I’m concerned it’s another kick in the face while you are down. What’s next?

Aaron Bergeron