Burns Lake should not combine two parades

I am writing in regards to this years’ Canada Day celebration and parade


I am writing in regards to this years’ Canada Day celebration and parade. Apparently, Burns Lake village council is considering sheducling the Canada Day parade on June 21, 2017.

This year will mark Canada’s 150th year as a country, and the event will be widely celebrated throughout the nation on July 1. Why would a large portion of this monumental anniversary be celebrated on June 21 in Burns Lake?

Also, June 21 is Aboriginal Day in Canada, a day when Canadians honour our First Nation brothers and sisters for their contributions to our great society. Hosting Canada Day celebrations on Aboriginal Day undermines the importance of our First Nations heritage, and gives little credence to sincerity of these celebrations.

Lastly, as June 21 is a non-statutory holiday, how can Burns Lake council expect business owners and the general public to participate in this parade? School will be in session and many businesses cannot afford to participate during business hours. I know that my family will not be able to attend for start.

Hence, it is my hope that Burns Lake council will abandon this divisive notion and host the Canada Day parade on July 1.


Kris Shively