Coming together despite election issues

(file photo)


As some of you know there have been some significant errors in the by-election, including at least two (2) band members were unable to vote, because the Electoral Officer neglected to include a “ballot” in the self addressed return envelope.

Four (4) other members received their mail in ballots and couriered their ballots to the Electoral Officer’s mailing address, which was on the self addressed envelopes, only to have the four (4) ballots returned to them the day after the election. The ballots were undeliverable because the post office box indicated on the return address as “box closed”.

Had any of these ballots, and perhaps others, received a ballot, the outcome might have been different.

After speaking to legal counsel and having a very strong case to have the election overturned, my decision is to not contest the election. More than ever we need to come together as a band.

I would like to call upon everyone to stand behind our newly elected Chief Clayton Charlie, and wish him and his family well, for the success of our band.

– Albert L. Gerow