Doctor’s dismissal is very digraceful


Open letter to Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad

It has recently been brought to my attention that the Northern Health board is refusing to renew Dr. Richard Beever’s licence to practice medicine at the Fraser Lake Medical Clinic.

There was not a specific reason sighted for this decision. It is disgusting and disgraceful that a doctor with Dr. Beevers credentials is dismissed without notice or review.

I know for a fact, that I, as one of Dr. Beever’s patients, was an incident sighted by a nurse against the care that Dr. Beever treated me with. And not once did anyone from the Northern Health board or even the Fraser Lake Medical Clinic contact me and ask my opinion of the said incident and treatment.

I would think it would be a priority of the health board to look into any and all allegations against a respected, certified doctor, or any employee for that matter, before handing down a ruling.

As I am the patient in question here, I shall briefly explain my circumstances.

I developed a pnuemothorax back in March of 2010. I spent a lot of time in various clinics and hospitals throughout B.C. I was under the care of four specialists in Kelowna and after two unsuccessful surgeries, I was sent home with a chest tube still attached.

The only way I was able to return home was with the understanding that Dr. Beever would be taking over my care and working along side of the specialists. This was the beginning of May 2010.

We continued to monitor the lung and it was decided by my team of specialists and Dr. Beever to remove the tube and see if the lung had healed enough to stay inflated.

Two weeks later it collapsed again. I went into the emergency room in Fraser Lake, and Dr. Beever was called down to see me. After xrays confirmed what I believed had happened, Dr. Beever asked if I wanted him to reinsert the tube or if I wanted to go to the Vanderhoof hospital.

I told him that I trusted him and wanted him to do it. I was in some discomfort, but not as much as previous times.

I had at this time, gone through this procedure at least five times. I knew what to expect and the relief it would bring me.

Not my first time to the table. I was upset because I knew I would be going back to Kelowna for yet another operation. There were a number of people in the room as I was a learning tool for those who had not seen this procedure done, and I was quite alright with this.

Again, not the first time. I had allowed the same access at other hospitals and clinics previously.

The procedure went as expected and all was good.

Unfortunately, the clinic in Fraser Lake did not have a heimlich valve, so Dr. Beever made do with a finger from a surgical glove and I returned to Vanderhoof hospital later for the valve. I had asked previously if the said valve was available in Fraser Lake, in case mine developed complications and was told they did not stock these valves. Not sure why not.

There was never a moment of indecision on my part or Dr. Beevers. We both knew the outcome would be what we expected and his confidence was what I would expect from any doctor treating me.

We have been searching many years for the family physician that my whole family could go to and each of us felt comfortable with. That doctor for my family is Dr. Beever.

The care he has shown each member of my family over the years has been exceptional and to lose him will be a crushing blow to our health care, but also to the community that he and his family have become a part of. They will all be missed.

In closing, I would like to say that I do not appreciate people using me and my health issues to better themselves or remove a respectable person from a position where he is valued by his patients. It is reprehensible that this can occur in our day and age.

If any of you would like to further discuss my health issues and concerns of treatment, please feel free to contact me at any time. I will gladly tell you all that I can of the care and treatment I received.


Mrs. Shannon Turnbull

Fraser Lake