Downtown revite a welcome change

Editor: As business owners downtown we want to say that we like the new look.


Since this theme seems to have legs we thought we should offer our thoughts on the subject of downtown revitalization. As business owners downtown we want to say that we like the new look.

Yes it is a different look, and yes it is going to take effort to get used to new driving and parking requirements. Perhaps it may take more effort to get into some businesses in parts of downtown but the trade-off of having a more attractive village centre is well worth the change.

The beautification efforts are interesting, attractive, and green. It says to passersby that we love this place and care about its appearance. Why don’t you stop in for lunch or take a walk around downtown?

Change is sometimes hard but it can also be good! Revitalization is exactly that – adding a new vitality to that which was old and tired. Our downtown was that and now promises to be something more.

Burns Lake is looking to the future. Businesses in the local community operate in an ever changing economic landscape with many challenges. To continue being a progressive and prosperous community we need to encourage tourists to stop and enjoy, encourage locals to take pride in their surroundings and encourage newcomers to stay and make this community their home. For that to happen we have to open to positive change.

So let the kinks get worked out. Let the naysayers have their say but be thankful we have people in this community that care and want to make Burns Lake an even better place to live and visit.


Ron and Tammy Zayac