Fraser Lake will be losing a good doctor


Open letter to Mr. Rustad

It is really sad that Fraser Lake is going to lose a very well respected and highly thought of doctor.

Dr. Richard Beever has made his home in Fraser Lake for several years and has become an important member of the community both as a doctor and a private citizen. He has moved his parents here to be near him and his family and was planning to make Fraser Lake his home for many years to come.

Now Northern Health will not be renewing his contract at the end of April 2011.

Our daughter, Shannon, over a period of time from March 2010 for several months had trouble with a collapsed lung. She was treated in several hospitals and clinics throughout B.C. During most of this time I was by her bedside and also in the room at the time in question here in Fraser Lake.

Shannon’s lung had collapsed for the fifth time and I took her into the Fraser Lake clinic. Fortunately for us Dr. Beever was at the clinic (even though it was his day off) and asked Shannon if she would like him to do the procedure of inserting the tube into her lung or if she would rather go to Vanderhoof. Shannon replied “No, I don’t want to go to Vanderhoof, I wan you to do it because I trust you.” Dr. Beever agreed, there were two nurses and one intern as well as Dr. Beever and myself in the operating room.

All went well, right down to the “hiss” we all heard when the tube ended in the right place in her hung. Because there was not a Heimlich valve available Dr. Beever skillfully fixed a rubber glove over the end of the tube for the air to escape if needed. Shannon was then taken to Vanderhoof by her husband for the correct valve and then returned home. She made the remark that all of times she had had the procedure done Dr. Beever did the best job and she was in less pain from it.

I was also present at several video conferences with the four specialist from Kelowna who commended Dr. Beever on what a wonderful job he was doing with Shannon’s care.

And now Northern Health won’t renew his contract. Are they out of their minds? What a horrendous mistake they are making. Not that Dr. Beever is not a good doctor mind you, because they have offered him a job elsewhere in the Northern Health region.

Unfortunately Northern Health and some of their administrative staff have lost sight of the real reason for their jobs … patient care and not just the bottom line and having control over their fellow workers.

Yours respectfully,


Mrs. Audrey Y. Read