Gratitude for the RCMP

(file photo)


To the Honorable Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,

I often contempt the nature of peace, and its heavy cost. This reflection inspired me to write you this letter.

Peace comes with a cost; to the individual, to society, and to the world at large. The cost is life, and can it only be paid with the courage of self-sacrifice.

This courage, unfortunately, is not demonstrated by all those who enjoy the benefit of peace. Peace is not easily acquired, nor is it permanent; it demands constant sacrifice. As a parent, as a nurse, as a human being, I respect sacrifice, and willing sacrifice much for the benefit of others. Daily, our Honorable Members of the RCMP willing sacrifice their time, minds, bodies, and souls.

This willingness to sacrifice is what keeps peace alive. Though everyone should responsibly share this burden, not all are willing to do so. I have not always been a good person; I have caused much suffering. RCMP Member James Cutler intercepted me, and redirected me on the path I currently follow…the path to peace.

Honorable Members, your courage, dedication, and suffering has not gone unnoticed. As an emergency room nurse, I often bear witness to your courageous suffering. We pay you in dollars for exchange of your souls. You sacrifice 24 hours a day, every day, to promote peace, prevent suffering, and intercept lost souls on their path to self-destruction.

Honorable Members, your work is sacred, as are your minds, bodies, and souls. It is an honor to live and work alongside you, and I am grateful for the blessings you bestow. As a parent, as a nurse, as a human being living in a relative state of peace, with tremendous love in my heart, and light in my soul, I commend you. Peace exists in my life because of your willingness to sacrifice. I believe love is a willingness to sacrifice. Thank you for loving peace.

Your Humble Beneficiary,

Kristopher Shively, RN/BSN