I chose to voted for Chief Gerow and counc. Dan George

Editor: In writing in response to Burns Lake Band blockade.


In writing in response to Burns Lake Band blockade. I’m an original Burns Lake Band member, granddaughter of the late Chief Paddy Isaac(1960) who was the first chief of Burns Lake Band.

He was responsible for inviting all different clans to his land that also included people who were not originally from Burns Lake. I resent the fact that the people who are here because of him, refer to my status as a band member as one who is a member by marriage.

I feel that I have been attacked by the opposing band members because of this and that I chose to vote for Chief Al Gerow and councillor Dan George. I have a constitutional right to vote for who ever I choose to vote for. I wanted a change.

Further, I have seen the animosity rage and anger within some band members. I have also witnessed some band members exploit their own people into expressing hatred, hate graffiti, hate mail and actions of hatred toward the present chief and council and their families.

What is most irritating about these spiteful protests is that I feel they’re protesting under the guise of the pipeline, lack of accountability, not holding band meetings etc. As long as I’ve resided on the reserve for the last 20 years I do not recall having a single band meeting previously.

The blockade, therefore, had no real purpose.

I know, as a band member, that the motive is power and greed.

There has been whole process and development that has taken place without band consent in the past. I could go on with an endless list of activities that were initiated without members consent.

So, who is not accountable?

These recent  actions are embarrassing  to me,  I live on the reserve and feel, see, and sense hatred.  Just remember the more negative you promote the more negative will come back to you.

Why not put some positive energy out there? You’ll get more positive energy back.

And last, true leadership is stepping down gracefully.

Jean Sam