I urge you not to legalize marijuana

This is an open letter to prime minister Justin Trudeau, premier Christy Clark and members of parliament


This is an open letter to prime minister Justin Trudeau, premier Christy Clark and members of parliament.

My husband and I, ages 84 and 77, are concerned deeply. You, the Government of Canada, want to legalize marijuana. How are you going to stop the “skunk-like” odor that permeates everywhere; every pore, every crevice, every person, clothes, all shops, all hotels, all parks, etc. The fresh air will be gone.

From babies to our age, we will have to breathe this foul source, so offensive to the senses. Our cars, buses, trains and other modes of transportation, will be completely foul smelling. The saturation of every molecule into everything become foul, including cookies, or whatever food it goes into as well.

Marijuana is also a first step toward societies’ purposes obliterated as the dreams are forgotten in near unconsciousness or insensibility (stupors).

Our beautiful loved one, brought up with love, started with it, rock and roll, then ended up in hard drugs, using and selling, and then pornography, and jail, lost his marriage, his brain wiped clean of what he was!

Have you seen the streets of Vancouver? It honestly started with marijuana. So innocently.

Besides, are you not going against the clean air legislation?

This is the most harmful odour or smell that can permeate all of our society because it is so addictive.. How are we, or those that are allergic to this foul odour, going to survive?

You the government, are only thinking of revenue. We are thinking of life on this planet, even for us for a short while.

You all will have to stand, one day, before the judge of the universe on this one as the other bad, wicked judgments. You call stop it and ban it, and clean air will be ours instead, as you promised.

Sincerely yours,

Nelson and Ele Schultz