It’s not easy to be First Nations

Editor: Who am I? Everybody's different, not just you or just me.


Who am I?

Everybody’s different, not just you or just me. In some of us it is hidden, in others you can see. I am human as a First Nation and I share all my feelings with others, no matter what race. I also find time to beat up on myself, I am trying to hide with what I am dealing with.

Putting my life up on a shelf. I know it’s not easy to be just me as First Nation when others put me down with what I may be. I am just a First Nation person, I do what I can, I try my best for my ability and I like who I am.

Some day I will find what I will do with my life but right now I am doing alright. So yes, you can ask me just what it is that is wrong. My story is short, in fact, it’s rather long. So for over the years, for I am 67 years old, I have a few friends. I will tell you all more, my story never ends. No I promise you will be amazed.

How far I have come and what I do with my days, with my daughters and two boys, all my grandchildren, cousins, Trese and hockey. Yeah you’re right I am just a First Nation person working real hard to be normal as a First Nation person. It is not easy but I still try. So tell me about you, enough about me. What is it you do? What do you want to be? Hockey is what I love, I once was a very good hockey player way back when. A Bobby Orr I wanted to be but that I have accepted. Yet I have never given up. Maybe some day I will have your names etched upon the Stanley Cup.

Love you all as First Nation person,

Frenchie Holland Sr.