Looking pretty but not for the old folks

Editor: How can we expect young people to stay here when they can't even start their life here?


How can we expect young people to stay here when they can’t even start their life here? We want to keep our young people here and jobs will help but without the main support for young families — it is not going to happen.

When I moved here, quite a while ago I’ll admit, our hospital had many more beds, an operating room, maternity ward and was well-staffed. Now our percentage of population is older and we have fewer beds. If I had just gotten married and was looking to locate my family for the long haul, would I choose a place where there was no maternity ward, no way. I raised seven children and they had the normal number of illnesses, accidents, and were treated in the “old” hospital but they all have left.  They went where they could stay together for pregnancies, etc.

Also, at the other end of life, Burns Lake is looking pretty but not practical for older residents. I challenge the council and mayor to get on crutches and go shopping. Those beautiful bumps are making it harder for handicapped to reach some stores and to get into some is a nightmare for wheelchairs as well as crutches.

When you are adding to our town, remember the old saying, “Beauty is as Beauty does” refers to more than just people.

Thank you for considering these ideas.

Sincerely. Geneva Wiseman