Make your own money

This is not the first time I have written about vandalism occurring in the local community.

This is not the first time I have written about vandalism occurring in the local community.

This time it happened at the Beacon Theatre, and unfortunately it is not the first time this year the theatre has been a target.

Why are people doing this?

Don’t they realize that their efforts could eventually result in ticket prices increasing, or worse still, the theatre shutting down?

Does every business in our community need to bar up their windows and doors when they close for the night to keep people out?

Not only would this look terrible, but it would send a clear message to tourist and newcomers that perhaps Burns Lake is not the safest place to be.

There are so many people that take pride in the local community and work hard to make Burns Lake a wonderful and safe place to live.

Unfortunately there are also a few bad apples in the community who, it seems, work to destroy all the good that is done.

This time would be thieves brazenly smashed their way in through the theatre’s front door in the early hours of the morning … thankfully, to leave with nothing at all.

Whether they were disrupted in their attempt, couldn’t find what they were after, or suddenly had a revelation that they were doing a bad thing is unknown.

The fact remains that their actions will have a long and lasting impact on the community.

The Lakes District Film Society, a volunteer group that operate the community owned theatre are now looking at beefing up their security and I am sure a few other businesses will be considering the same thing, if they haven’t already done so.

It was not so long ago that the theatre sat vacant and boarded up.

Now after a lot of hard work by local volunteers it is a community asset, a source of entertainment for the community and an employer.

It is a community asset to be proud of.

I am assuming the group of people, or the individual that broke in doesn’t value the fact that Burns Lake now has a theatre in operation.

Would be thieves and petty criminals are using the cover of darkness to run around breaking windows, steal from people’s sheds, break into buildings, spray paint walls and damage personal property.

I agree with society president Michael Riis-Christianson that increased RCMP patrols are necessary.

Particularly in peak vandalism times, which seem most likely to be from midnight to five a.m.

These are the times when these criminals obviously feel they have free rein to do whatever damage they see fit.

I have also noticed there is damage already done to a number of the Village of Burns Lake’s commemorative wooden benches that are placed around town.

These benches are purchased by community members in honour of loved ones.

The benches look lovely and add to the look of the town, but people will stop purchasing them if they are just going to be vandalized soon after.

Comon’ hoodlums, go back to school and get an education so you can make your own money and not have to steal from others.