Mayor addresses traumatic visit

Editor: In response to the letter from the Zaporozan family.


In response to the letter from the Zaporozan family (June 6) I want to share a few of the things the Village of Burns Lake is doing to preserve and enhance our reputation as a great place to visit, stay and enjoy.

I deeply regret the two unfortunate incidents the Zaporozans mentioned. Village staff, council and I are determined to ensure every visitor to Burns Lake has a positive experience – but there are always situations beyond our control.

First of all, I want to sincerely thank the Zaporozan family for attending to the woman they saw injured until help arrived. This type of incident is the reason for our ambitious downtown revitalization plan, which aims to create a safer walking environment and a truly inviting corridor in the heart of our community. Here at the village, we also work closely with local RCMP and other first responders to ensure that emergencies are dealt with quickly and effectively.

It’s unfortunate that an area resident was rude to the Zaporozans at the Francois Lake ferry. I know that we pride ourselves on being a warm, friendly and welcoming community, and we all share a common responsibility to treat every visitor – and each other – with respect and generosity.

I’m glad the Zaporozans ultimately enjoyed their getaway in our region, and I hope they’ll come back again soon to enjoy everything we have to offer.

Let’s make sure their next visit is a positive one that will cause them to recommend Burns Lake to their family and friends.

Luke Strimbold