Minister Stone why won’t you answer us?

Editor: I am writing about Colleymount Road; specifically about safety concerns that residents have communicated.


Lack of Response from ministry. Why?

I am writing about Colleymount Road;  specifically about safety concerns that residents have communicated to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the lack of response.

It has been almost one year that the Colleymount Road Working Group came together to collectively ask government to consider concerns and to take action.  The group and its sub-committee have met regularly, completed a  931 signature petition, conducted a road count, taken photos of critical areas, sent letters and emails, organized a letter writing campaign and in November 2015, developed a document that identified and described the most critical areas of concern on Colleymount Road.

Over the winter there have been accidents on Colleymount Road and these have been described, photographed and communicated to Minister Todd Stone.  The Ministry has been told that some residents have been forced to drive into ditches to escape being hit by the rear section of logging trucks. They have been told about numerous close calls where residents and other travelers are at risk on narrow curving sections of the road where snow and ice have made matters worse.

Despite all these efforts over the past year there has been no response.  Minister Stone has not acknowledged the concerns or the group’s existence.  Why?

Rita Lavoie


Colleymount Road Working Group