My husband knows where he comes from


As I read the article about the Burns Lake Band I felt as though I was being punched in the stomach while being told my husband and daughter are not welcome members because they are Bill C31 members. 

I would like to point out to Robert, Ryan and their supporters that my husband knows where he comes from and knows where he has not been welcome when it comes to your reserve. 

Keep in mind, it is the head counts of those off reserve ‘half of them don’t have a clue where they came from’ members that bring in all the money that paid for your honorariums and allowed you to live a more comfortable life. 

Furthermore those head counts have and still pay for everything your ‘original’ reserve members have. 

All this talk about off reserve/on reserve and unwelcome Bill C31 members looks and feels like lateral violence and discrimination.

The issue of respect was raised in the article, which brings back recent memories of how the previous chief conducted himself during election time. 

I felt he was not respectful. 

As for the loss of the Little Angels Daycare and Carrier Sekani Family Services what do they have to do with the Burns Lake Band elections?

It is my understanding that the closure of the daycare has more to do with the issue of the Gathering Place being leased on land that has not been recognized as reserve land which has somehow created a barrier in accessing financial resources that other local daycares can access.

In closing some people need to let go of the half truths and embrace the gift of change and allow the creator to actively and positively work in their lives. Others need to step up and muster some courage and be truthful to themselves.

If this important step is not taken you are robbing yourself and robbing the previous chief and council the opportunity for true self reflection (self respect) and meaningful growth.

Kelly Tizya