Ode to the old Burns Lake hospital

Editor: A poem dedicated to the old Burns Lake Hospital.


Your rooms and halls are empty today, as all have moved across the way.

To the new hospital where it stands, so new, so polished and so grand.

So many memories your hold, many secrets that may never be told.

Miracles of numerous births, souls ending their time on this earth.

Doctors, nurses and other staff too, so many have work here in you.

Times of laughter, times of gladness, times of miracles, times of sadness.

You were the health centre for our town, and for the communities all around.

Busy, busy, full to the brim, children, moms, babies and adults within.

Your walls which were once so strong, will very soon be torn down.

To make way for something new, some of us will feel very blue.

Only the ghosts remain for a while, in some hearts may bring a smile.

For all the good times within your spaces, as you make room for future times and places.

Goodbye to the old Burns Lake hospital (with a tear in my eye).


Leona Pedon,

Burns Lake, BC