Pay teachers

Editor: The teachers strike should be of concern to everyone.


The teachers strike should be of concern to everyone because the children are the future and should be encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.

It is already difficult for teachers to give their best but with the government demands it will be almost impossible.

Other unions seem to win much larger settlements without much difficulty but teachers are even belittled through the media as glorified babysitters! Why? This government would like teachers to be an essential service, but they don’t have the same life or death responsibility that health care workers or firemen have.

If class sizes are increased and too many children with learning disabilities are in the mix, school boards may have to ‘insist’ that those children are drugged with Ritalin. Disruptive children won’t develop without help but governments don’t want free thinking children, just obedient ones.

And after graduation most of the special needs could be on medication for life, now who would that serve?

Gary Huntbatch

Abbotsford B.C.