Plenty to do in Burns Lake this summer

School vacations need not lead to boredom with all the outdoor activities available in the local area.

School vacations need not lead to boredom with all the outdoor activities available in the local area.

Not only is there endless lakes for fishing and water sports, but there are hiking trails, a baseball diamond, tennis courts, free drop in soccer for teens and up on Monday and Sunday evenings at the Lakes District Secondary School field, the Y2K Skateboard Park and fitness equipment at Spirit Square.

There is plenty to do, you just have to get out and do it.

I also have to commend the Village of Burns Lake’s recreation department for an excellent summer vacation program this year. The program is jam packed full of exciting and fun activities for local kids.

A range of different activities have been planned every day for kids aged six and upwards.

New recreation coordinator Logan Wilson has really stepped things up to ensure the recreation program is in full swing, along with summer students Kathleen Milinazzo and Aaron Abels.

Although I am still a relative newcomer to the community, during my time in Burns Lake the recreation department has never had so much to offer during school vacation time. It is nice to finally have a recreation coordinator who is in touch with the community’s recreation needs.

There is something available for everyone, from finger painting, dance classes, bocee, tubing, golfing, canoeing, road hockey and a softball coaching clinic, it has been an action packed start to the summer for all the kids enrolled.

They included a trip to the Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic, a trip to the bakery as well as a visit from Smokey the Bear and his fellow fire crew members discussing the importance of wildfire prevention.

Aside from alleviating the boredom aspect of the summer holidays the recreation program also has a valuable social aspect. Kids have the opportunity to meet new friends and gain more confidence in their abilities as they try and learn new things. Also they can interact with kids they usually wouldn’t.

Outdoor activities also promote healthy activity, bringing kids away from the television and video games and out into the fresh air. It also keeps kids off the streets and out of trouble.

Most of the day camps and drop in activities are accessible to all community members because they are affordable which is important. Better still you can claim up to $500 back on taxes for children’s sporting activities and camps.

I think it is also commendable that the recreation coordinator is so hands on and participates in most of the activities. He is not afraid to get wet or his hands dirty along with the kids.

The community was in desperate need of this type of vacation programming so I hope it continues every year and hopefully during the winter. I also hope that parents choose to support the program – as with anything, if enrollment is low the programs could be cut or cancelled and then the community would be back to square one.

I noticed the Xplore Kids Camp was particularly popular. One thing I did notice lacking were older kids in the 15 – 16 age range – so all you older kids out there who are bored, try out some summer fun activities around Burns Lake … you will have a blast.