Power lies within us

Animals cannot speak for themselves, we are their advocates


Different interest groups want to enjoy the outdoors. Yet when one activity overlaps the territory of another there should be communication/signage. Logging roads do it by warning drivers with ‘active logging’, where pedestrians cross the highway there is signage, etc. When traplines are in the vicinity of human activity – be it recreation trails or rural roads – tragic occurrences can be diminished with public information. Where is it safe to walk/snowshoe/ski.

Having been sadly affected by the news of the loss of the young German Shephard, I went for a drive, incidentally ending up at Sunset Lake where there is a sign – a sign that assures me my dogs are safe here.

If something doesn’t work, because pets or even livestock are getting injured, maimed or killed, we are the ones who can make the change. The power lies within us. Animals cannot speak for themselves, we are their advocates.


Christine Bottger