Regional district voting unfair?

Editor: Re: Alternative Approval Process Bylaw #1682


Re: Alternative Approval Process Bylaw #1682

Many of you have received information on this process in the mail lately, particularly if you live in region B and region E of the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako.

Many electors (voters) may have thought this process to be unimportant and not worth the time and did not read or think about this issue. Maybe some simply threw their letters in the garbage.

Like I said at the public hearing that I attended on Jan. 22/14 I am not opposed to victim services however I am opposed to the process known as  “Alternative approval process” which is an end run around you the taxpayer. I believe that the alternative approval process is an outright undemocratic process and should be scrapped.

It is a disgraceful, phony negative billing process that is outlawed for companies yet it is embraced by politicians, the very ones who make law.

The whole thing leaves citizen volunteers to gather signatures of 10 per cent of the eligible voters at least in a referendum both sides have to get out to vote.

The response form forces the electors to oppose the bylaw which limits the amount of people who will sign it and excludes the people who may support it. This alternative approval process is wrong now and will be wrong in the future.

I think we should take the risk of democracy and have a referendum.

What do you think?

Jack Kortmeyer