Seriously Premier Clark?



I have to congratulate the Liberal Party of B.C. for doing such a good job of public relations regarding the generous compensation given to David Hahn.

It should give us great comfort that Premier Christie Clark is seen wringing her hands, disturbed over the Hahn situation.

Her caucus has been very quiet about this affair.

Strange, because in 2009, then comptroller general, Cheryl Wenezenki-Holland presented her review of B.C. Ferry Services (BCFS) and Translink to the government of the day ( and had some critical observations regarding governance and compensation, among others.

Then transportation Minister Shirley Bond, when criticized by opposition members for Hahn’s comments (which I won’t repeat) stated, in the legislature, of the comptroller general, “She is competent. She is capable. In fact, the Minister of Finance said exactly the same thing.

We intend to consider every single one of her recommendations seriously.” (

Seriously? About the authority members appointing themselves to the board? About the BCFS retainer fees being three to five times the amounts set out in a provincial treasury board directive to Crowns?

About appointing David Hahn in 2005 as a voting member of BCFS?  About the Hewitt report that used corporations such as Ford Motor Co., Coca Cola, Nike, and McDonalds to determine compensation???

Seriously, Premier Clark can claim innocence.

Seriously, the Liberal caucus can let the wolf in sheep’s clothes appear to take a stand. Seriously, what about the rest of her caucus?

Seriously, the citizens of B.C. are not dense.

“The office of the comptroller general is responsible for the overall quality and integrity of the government’s financial management and control systems.” (

Seriously? Only when we ensure our elected officials listen and consider those recommendations.

Boards approve chief executive officer salaries, chief executive officer salaries recommend board stipends. Quid pro quo.

Susan Schienbein, Burns Lake