Snowmobile club needs members

Joining the Burns Lake Snowmobile Club helps us fund future projects and upkeep on ones already in place


Joining the Burns Lake Snowmobile Club helps us fund future projects and upkeep on ones already in place.

A small portion of membership also goes to the B.C. Snowmobile Federation (BCSF) to fund its operations for better snowmobiling province wide. Part of that is dealing with government on rules, regulations, dues and also pays for club insurance.

At the BCSF annual general meeting this April, 40 of the 71 clubs were in attendance. Major decisions were made on how things can be changed so we are better hear by government. We are being outvoted by small, highly motivated groups that are trying to take away our riding areas.

Locally, Smithers and Houston have recently lost or are going to loose areas we ride in. Tumbler Ridge lost huge amounts of their riding area. We need more registered members to show government how may sledders and ATVers there are in this province.

Over 80 per cent of sledders in this province are either not registering their sleds or do not belong to a club. This is a very large voice but is going unheard because you need to join up. The financial impact we have is huge – buying sleds, trucks and trailers to haul them, fuel and where we stay when we ride away from home. Billions of dollars.

Help the BCSF before it all gets regulated away. Join a club, be heard. Read snow riders magazine, it’s free with your membership. Insurance rates on your snowmobile and other ATVs are cheaper if you are a member, plus other discounts.

Come out to a meeting and lend a hand or bring some input. This includes people that ride quads, side by sides, dirt bikes. Most members have these toys also and ride winter and summer.

As a club, we once had 150 members. That means a lot when we got to get a grant for tail maintenance and upgrades. We have a fraction of that number now, making it difficult to have any clout with trails and recreation when we need something from them.

So next time you are out for a ride, take a moment and think about if you lost that area to ride in because somebody else spoke up and didn’t want you there.

Join a club, have a voice.


Dennis Firomski

President of the Burns Lake Snowmobile Club