The lesson is humility; human failure is a given


As the sobering events in Japan unfold, I am wondering what lessons Canada could learn.

The same attitudes of man defying nature, carelessness and greed continue to be the driving forces of projects like the Northern Gateway pipeline by Enbridge.

No need to emphasize the lack of foresight of those who built nuclear reactors in an earthquake prone country.

The lesson here is not to think that new technology will prevent this disaster.

The lesson is humility; human failure is a given.

Germany is producing as much energy from its solar panels as the Fukushima nuclear plant. Reducing consumption, decentralizing and using alternative energy are better choices than nuclear and fossil fuel.

We presently waste oil energy as if the supply was endless.

The Enbridge pipeline is proposing to export non renewable fossil-fuel without any consideration for the supply to Canadians.

There is nothing Canadian in the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers whose affiliations range from China, U.S., U.K., France, Norway and Thailand.

Look at the recent announcement by Trans ocean Ltd., the owner of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that gave top executives bonuses for achieving the best year in safety performance in the company’s history.

Never mind the 11 workers who died in an explosion. The company contends it had an exemplary safety record because it met internal safety targets concerning the frequency and severity of accidents.

Wait for Enbridge to change its tune after a spill and tell us they are not responsible because it falls back on the regulators who approved the pipeline. This is presently their defense in court in Michigan.

It is time that Canadians stand up against corporate oil bullies There is no need for the Fukushima disaster and the accumulated mistakes that led to it, repeat themselves with Enbridge.

Josette Weir,