Touched by stranger’s kindness in Burns Lake

Touched by stranger’s kindness in Burns Lake


It has been a rough few months living under the Covid -19 “cloud.” My wife and I we were under a literal rain cloud when we ran out of gas in our VW camper van as we approached the town of Burns Lake from the west, a few weeks ago. I pulled off the road as much as possible and started to walk towards town. I didn’t think it could be far but after a minute or so the thunder clouds were barking loud. There was a parallel side road to the north of Highway 16 and I switched over to it and kept walking although now with a quickened pace.

I approached the first house where it appeared that someone might be home. I rang the doorbell, someone answered and I told the fellow that “I have a problem,” no gas in our van. I was hoping that he might have a few litres to spare in a small gas can. We walked to his garage and he checked his gas containers, no luck. But that didn’t deter him, he took an empty container and placed it in the back of his pick-up truck. We headed to town. It was about 4 or 5 kilometres before we approached the first gas station of Burns Lake. Did he stop? No. By this time we were driving in a torrential down pour and he pointed out that another gas station offered better protection from the elements.

As I was filling up the container a friend of the fellow came up and inquired what he had been up to. Before he could answer I said that, “he was being a good samaritan.” With the container full we drove back to my worried wife and van. Once I finished pouring the fuel in the tank I thanked him and asked if I could compensate him for his service. He immediately declined. After more thanks I told him my name and if I heard him correctly in the driving rain and passing traffic, he replied that his name was, “Lyle.”

My story of a “Good Samaritan,” is not intended to embarrass Lyle, (if I did hear his name correctly.) I simply point out how a little care and consideration can go a long way in lifting dark clouds that are hanging over others.

Sincerely and very grateful to my “Samaritan,”

Garry and Dorothy Penner

Chilliwack, B.C.