Unfair criticism of MLA John Rustad

I am rarely stimulated to write a response, but a letter in the April 26 issue of Lakes District News has crossed that threshold


I am rarely stimulated to write a response to a “letter to the editor,” but a letter in the April 26 issue of Lakes District News has crossed that threshold.

Eileen Benedict submitted a copy of a letter that she had sent to “Christy Clark”… not premier Christy Clark, or MLA Clark, or even Ms. Christy Clark… just Christy Clark (not very respectful, in my opinion).

In the letter, Ms. Benedict was critical of MLA Rustad’s representation of people and concerns in the Nechako Lakes electoral area, i.e. he has not returned her calls. May I remind you, Ms. Benedict, of calls that I have made to you, left messages that were never returned, sent emails that were never acknowledged…. is this the pot calling the kettle black?

I am the chair of the Rural Post-Secondary Committee in the Lakes District and I volunteer my time to work towards a quality post-secondary education for the residents in the Lakes District. I and many other local residents have a concern that you have chosen to ignore. Is that what you would refer to as “good representation”?

When I was mayor of the Village of Burns Lake, I had a very open and respectful working relationship with MLA Rustad. He was attentive to the needs of the community and always worked tirelessly to promote and address the expressed needs; he still does.

If you think that Mr. Rustad did not return your calls because you are a woman – really? If so, how does he manage to work so well with the premier of this province? He is non-judgmental.

I appreciate your concerns about the state of Colleymount Road. Sometimes the logging trucks can be very intimidating. However, it is not and likely never will be a class one highway.

You acknowledge that you have met with Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, several times and expressed your concerns to him. I believe that plans are underway for more improvements on the Colleymount Road and they are to be completed this coming season, but limited funds will always be an issue, as you know.

I believe that you have unfairly criticized MLA Rustad, who has met with you several times, organized meetings for you to meet with the minister, his staff, the local maintenance contractor, etc. Short of building a new road, what more do you expect him to do?


Bernice Magee