We deserve the best



Open letter to Michael McMillan, Northern Health’s chief operating officer.

I am writing you in hopes of getting some kind of rational from your office as to why we, the citizens of the Lakes District are being short changed in regards to this new and improved hospital that is in the planning phases.

I have heard through the concerned citizens that attended the town meeting to discuss planning and construction, that several areas that we desperately need in order to remain a viable hospital for the community have been omitted from the building plans.

No surgery because your office states that we only have three to four doctors at one time.

How do we attract professionals to our area if we cannot provide the essentials like a modern hospital with a surgery to serve the people? What medical professional wants to come to an area to administer band aids and cough syrup?

Not going digital is obscure to say the least how do we remain current?

We are trying to build a strong vibrant future for our people, having a new hospital is a step in the right direction but telling the citizens of the Lakes District that we cannot attract doctors and thus will not need or benefit from a surgery is preposterous and arrogant on behalf of you, Mr. McMillan and your colleagues at Northern Heath.

The University of Northern B.C. has several young adults from the Lakes District planning their futures in several medical fields, like medicine, nursing, lab technology only to name a few.

How do we then entice our young adults, who were born and raised in the Lakes District to build their careers and families here?

Build them something they deserve and help them give back to the Lakes District with the pride in knowing that the hospital they work in contributes to sustainability.

If we can attract professionals we will benefit from a diverse community that will remain viable for decades to come.

We the citizens of the Lakes District deserve nothing but the best, it is time to stand in unity to demand that we get this hospital designed with not only our future in mind but the futures of our children and their children for decades to come.


Donna Brochez