Will I ever learn to slow down?


Will I ever learn to slow down? In rushing to give the chickens feed last Sunday, I jammed my hand into the unfinished wood and got a nasty black sliver right down to my cuticle.  My daughter and son in law tired to get it out but to no avail. So I went to the kind neighbour who tried as well. All the way home from Francois Lake, I debated about what to do, leave it to hurt and fester over night. No, I decided to go to emergency where Dr. Graetz and his able nurse froze the finger and quickly got it out. It was only a sliver, but like the lion with a thorn in his paw, I was immensely grateful. I wonder if we take time to thank our doctors more, they might stay longer?

Gatefully yours,

Paula Laurie, Burns Lake