Great results from Lake Babine Nation’s get fit challenge

The group works out three days a week and a point sheet has been developed that keeps track of heathy targets for each day.

The group exercises three times a week

The group exercises three times a week

Staff at the Lake Babine Nation band office have signed on to a 12 week get fit challenge, and they say they are feeling better and have become more active in the process.

The group started half was through May with the initiative that was originally suggested by Mary-Lynn Crouse.

The group works out three days a week and a point sheet has been developed that keeps track of heathy targets for each day, like drinking eight classes of water, getting seven hours of sleep each night, eating healthy meals and exercise.

For each check in a box, points are given.

The group’s trainer Michelle Willson said that weight loss was included as bonus points on the sheet because she didn’t want to make the focus of the 12 week challenge on weight loss.

“On Mondays we do a weigh in and a lot of weight has been lost between everyone, but we didn’t want to make weight an issue. We wanted the focus to be on getting fit and healthy so that every Monday people are not stressed to come and stand on the scales. We wanted to make this a fun and friendly program that people are going to stick with and the weight will come off whether its a focus or not. Weight loss is also not mandatory, for some people loosing weight is easier than for others,” Willson said.

According to Willson some people participating in the program have lost upwards of 20 pounds.

“We have six weeks to go so the results will continue,” she added.

Willson said at the beginning many people were hesitant to join the program although most people signed up. She said there has been a few people drop out of the program, but most have stuck with it and are seeing a lot of benefits.

“Personal wellness has increased. One person had depression and diabetes and was on medication everyday. Now for a number of weeks this person has been off their medication and it getting out and enjoying life with their family, which is a very rewarding result.”

The group also has challenges to complete each week such as bringing in an item of clothing they are keeping in their closet just incase they put on weight and donating it to the thrift store.

The groups challenge for last week was to persuade someone who had dropped out of the program to rejoin.

“We also have positive affirmations, like turning off the TV, putting down electronics and getting out and enjoying life,” Willson added.

Willson, who has just earned a weight training certificate said this is her first group program that she has run, but she intends to run a similar program when the get fit challenge wraps up.

There is also prizes available for reaching targets such as who has made the most positive changes.

Prizes for first, second and third include a makeover and glamour photography as well as cash. Willson said Lake Babine Nation is supporting the program through funding.

“I am so proud of everyone and what they have been able to achieve. In the beginning nobody ran, everyone was huffing and puffing and calling me names when they were exercising,” laughed Willson.

“Now everybody runs, that was my proudest moment.”