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Local couple dominates Smithers Mr. and Mrs. golf tourney

48 Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Prince George and Smithers couples participated July 15 and 16
Don, left, and Janie Olson shot a two-round, two-under-par 142 July 15 and 16 to win the Smithers Mr. and Mrs tournament. (Thom Barker/Smithers Interior News)

At the end of two rounds of alternating shot golf at the Mr. and Mrs. tournament in Smithers July 15 and 16, it was no surprise to anyone who stood at the top of the leaderboard.

On the overall low gross side of the ticket, Janie and Don Olson dominated with a combined 142 (two-under-par).

The net side of the equation was also more or less a foregone conclusion with Ann and Philip Maher putting up a scorching minus-19 (125) after the handicaps were factored in.

The format for the 36-hole tournament saw 48 couples from Prince George to Prince Rupert teeing off then alternating shots until the ball was in the cup. Day 1 on Saturday was regular tee times and on Sunday it was a shotgun start at 1o a.m.

Despite a forecast of sweltering temperatures and scattered showers, conditions for golf were excellent except for about two hours on Sunday when a smokey haze from wildfires descended on the course.

In addition to three Mr. and Mrs. flights based on combined handicaps, there was a His and Hers flight for partners who are not a couple.


Overall Low Gross

Janie and Don Olson, 142

Overall Low Net

Ann and Philip Maher 149 (-19 net)

Mr. and Mrs. A Flight Low Gross

1. Shannon Malbeuf and Dave Johnstone, 155

2. Wendy and John Pierce, 157

3. Merissa and Brendan DeVries, 159

4. Vida Carson and Rick Malkow, 160

Mr. and Mrs. B Flight Low Gross

1. Carol and Andrew Schaeffer, 171

2. Janice and Don Malkow, 179

3. Aileen and Gary Timmer, 181

4. Durell Van Alstyne and Ryan Boult, 182

Mr. and Mrs. C Flight Low Gross

1. Dona and Mark Thomas, 187

2. Doniree Hartford and Levi Olson, 189

3. Chris and Russ Giraldi, 193

4. Melissa Ash and Thom Barker, 194

His and Hers Flight Low Gross

1. Trudy Schatz and Larry Lutz, 175

2. Vivian Brooks and Mark Grabowski, 176

3. Erin Young and Malcolm MacMillan, 179

4. Cheryl Butler and Don Sholinder, 189

Mr. and Mrs. A Flight Low Net

1. Joy and Dallas Stevenson, 133 (-11 net)

2. Trudy and Gerard Dolan, 136 (-8 net)

3. Sabrina and Phil Lickers, 137 (-7 net)

4. Jackie and Ervin Himech, 137 (-7 net)

Mr. and Mrs. B Flight Low Net

1. Dorit Lindner and Joe Pacheco, 133 (-11 net)

2. Kate Daniels Howard and John Howard, 137 (-7 net)

3. Jessy and Doug Chaplin, 143 (-1 net)

4. Kathryn and Roger Harris, 144 (even net)

Mr. and Mrs. C Flight Low Net

1. Linda and Kelly Jones, 135 (-9 net)

2. Mona and John Nester, 135 (-9 net)

3. Cherie Seppala and Art Emmerson, 136 (-8 net)

4. Sussi Rees Hansen and Richard Mason, 137 (-7 net)

His and Hers Flight Low Net

1. Regina Saimoto and Don McMillan, 130 (-14 net)

2. Linda Davies and Frank Beaubien, 143 (-1 net)

3. Alysia Tashoots and Mike Zantingh, 152 (+8 net)

Thom Barker

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