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37,801 babies were born in B.C. so far this year: These are the most popular names

There is over 100 years of baby names recorded in British Columbia, available to the public
From Jan. 1 to Dec. 8, there were 37,801 babies born in B.C. ( photo)

Olivia has been ousted as the most popular baby name in B.C. this year by last year’s third favourite name, Noah.

Each year, the province releases data compiled of every new name reported to the Vital Statistics Agency more than five times.

From Jan. 1 to Dec. 8, there were 37,801 babies born in B.C. Preliminary figures show that the top name was Noah, followed by Olivia, Oliver, Liam, Theodore, Jack, Emma, Lucas, Leo and Sofia.

The exact numbers of how many babies go by these top trending names have not yet been released.

Last year, 238 babies were named Olivia, followed by 229 named Liam and 223 named Noah.

Curious to see how popular your name was the year you were born compared to more recently? British Columbia has data of up to 100 years available online to search.


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