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Chicken reigns supreme in Canadian sandwich desires

Roast beef pops up twice during Google data Top 10 search by Chefs Plate
Chicken is the most favoured sandwich filling across Canada according to a recent Chefs Plate survey online search data analysis. (Black Press Media file photo)

Chicken may be Canada’s favourite sandwich filling but roast beef appears twice in the Top 10 compiled by Chefs Plate.

In a bid to keep up with the tastes of the nation, the recipe-box subscription service took a deeper look into classic lunch option – analyzing national search volumes Feb. 23 and 24.

Chicken , roast beef , and the classic bacon, lettuce and tomato rounded out the top three average monthly search volumes.

“It’s interesting to see Canadians opting for simple, crowd-pleasing options for their sandwiches, such as chicken, cheese and the classic BLT. These versatile ingredients are typically loved by all ages, making them great family-friendly options,” a Chefs Plate spokesperson said in a media release.

Grilled cheese finished fourth – dropping from its second-place position in a similar poll by the company two years ago. Fifth, sixth and seventh go to hot hamburger, fish and steak.

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Eighth place goes to jambon beurre (ham butter in English) is also known as a parisien, a baguette with butter and ham.

Whether it’s simply the nation’s palate, or the methodology of using the top search term for each type of sandwich, roast beef reappears in ninth position as French dip.

A combo of bacon egg and cheese round out the Top 10 list.

Chefs Plate also looked at regional search volumes to find the trending sandwich in each province.

Turkey bacon sandwiches are trending in Alberta with a 200 per cent increase in searches in the last three months while PEI and Manitoba saw a similar increase in hot hamburger. In the largest increase found, the sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches saw a 400 per cent increase in Ontario.

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Upticks of 100 per cent were found in New Brunswick seeking out Buffalo chicken, Quebec’ for turkey and cheese, Newfoundland and Labrador on the hunt for a BLT and Saskatchewan seeking out a hot dog.

In B.C.? The desire for straight up turkey is trending with a 150 per cent search increase in the last three months.

For more information on Canada’s top 10 sandwiches, visit the Chefs Plate website.