Murphy Abraham elected as Chief for Lake Babine Nation

Unofficial vote count released

(Lake Babine Nation website photo/Lakes District News)

Lake Babine Nation has elected Murphy Abraham as the First Nation’s new chief.

The band held its election for chief and coucil from June 12 to June 22 with advance poll voting held on June 12 and regular poll voting held on June 22.

Five candidates, Murphy Abraham, Wilf Adam, Annette Casimir, Marilyn Joseph-Williams and Megan Rosso, were standing for the Office of the Chief. A total of 856 votes were caste for the chief position of which Abraham won with 342 votes. Adam secured 250 votes followed by Joesph-Williams at 145 votes, Rosse at 60 votes and Casimir at 56.

Melvin Joseph, Jason Charlie, Debbie West and Derek MacDonald were elected as the four councillors for Woyenne. It was a close race with Joseph taking the lead with 293 votes, followed by Charlie and West both at 240 and MacDonald at 220 votes. There were five other candidates standing for the election. Murphy Patrick Jr. secured 212 votes, Georgina West got 211 votes, Cheyene Dennis got 210 votes, Fabian Michelle got 184 votes, Jerry Tom got 166 votes and Bernadette Charlie secured 160 votes.

Robbie Reid with 53 votes and Bessie West with 48 votes were elected for the two councillors positions for Fort Babine. Lyle Michell and Ramona William secured 37 and 11 votes respectively.

Verna Power was elected for the councillor position with 32 votes for the Old Fort position. Maryann Poirier, who lose to Power, secured 16 votes.

Millie Alec-George with 60 votes and Delores Alec with 49 votes were elected for the two councillor positions for the office of Tachet.

An official update on the vote count will be available as soon as the election office, One Feather, releases the data.

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