Hen and Beekeeping bylaw approved

Had been on the table for several weeks

Village of Burns Lake council officially approved a new hen and beekeeping bylaw on April 19, which allows for hen and beekeeping within the municipal boundary. The bylaw had been on the table for a month, receiving third readings at a previous council meeting on April 5.

According to the proposed bylaw, hens must be provided with food, water, shelter, light, ventilation, veterinary care, and opportunities for essential behaviors such as scratching, dust bathing, and roosting, all sufficient to maintain the hens in good health.

Beekeeping must be carried out in a manner that maintains beehives in a condition that will reasonably promote bee health, and prevent swarming and aggressive behavior. A regular water supply bust be provided so that the bees don’t go searching for alternative water sources.

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Each beehive must have an entrance that faces away from neighbouring properties, and be in a backyard that has a fence or hedge at least 1.8 metres high.

Heritage building bylaw not yet approved

A proposed bylaw, which sets out procedures by which the owner of a designated heritage building can apply to council for a heritage alteration permit, will have to wait until the next council meeting for approval.

The bylaw is supposed to open up an avenue for owners of heritage buildings withing the municipal boundary to be able to make alterations of renovations.

It was up for approval during a April 19 council meeting, but it was noted that councillor Kevin White, who was not present at the meeting, had several questions about the bylaw. Therefore, council decided to push the decision to the next scheduled meeting in order to give councillor White a chance to voice his questions.

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The five heritage buildings that are protected by heritage designation bylaws are the Anglican Church, the Lakes District News office, the Burns Lake Native Development Corporation office, the Visitors Information Centre, and the Free Growing Forestry building.

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