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Join us in September for the Fall Fair!

Join us in September for the Fall Fair!

Howdy friends & neighbours! It’s that time of year and before you know it another great Fall Fair will be upon us again.
Camping spots on a few local lakes

Camping spots on a few local lakes

As the name implies, the Lakes District and area is known for its amazing lakes and boating opportunities. And whether you are looking for the calm and quiet and relaxing experience of canoeing, kayaking, or sailing, or the adrenalin rush of water skiing, jet boating or power boating, you will find a lake in the Lakes District perfect for your brand of summer fun.
Join us for Aboriginal Day June 21

Join us for Aboriginal Day June 21

The history of Burns Lake is rich in First Nations history, culture, and legend. This is because long before the arrival of Europeans, several distinct groups of First Nation people inhabited the area. Today Burns Lake has six native bands - Cheslatta Carrier Nation, Lake Babine Nation, Burns Lake Band, Wet’suwet’en, Nee-Tahi-Buhn Band, and Skin Tyee.

The good thing about the bad weather is the fishing is good

We are well into July and still we have had no really hot weather. Some places it's too hot or flooding. We have a very heavy hay crop but so far no drying weather. Maybe there will be a turn and a break for the ranchers.

The weather so far this summer sure hasn’t been great

I just had a nice little note slipped under the P.O. door this morning.

Died as a saviour for all mankind

Current events in the Middle East remind me of psalm 83, “Come, let us cut off Israel from being a nation; that the name of Israel be no more in remembrance.”

White Swan Music Fest was great time and lots of fun

The first day of summer was a great day and it felt really like a nice warm summer day. Maybe summer has come.

Vandalism must stop and parents must start by teaching it at home

Another week is rolling around again, seems go faster as I get older.

Good to be back home and even nicer to see my tree in bloom

Here I am back again after such a wonderful holiday.

Praying for the stay at home crowd

First, I want to say, “Go Canucks go.”