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No wonder women loved Jesus

When Jesus stepped into the public scene, he did something shocking.

We all got a surprise last week when the snow hit

It’s Saturday morning bright and early and I am starting my news a day or so a bit early. What a morning this is 16 of April and we have just had a foot of snow dumped onto us. It’s like the old boy said “You can’t win for losing” and looks like that’s it today

The history of St. Lukes church goes back to over 87 years

On Sunday afternoon last I had the pleasure to be invited to the First Mennonite Church for a spring-fest in honour of seniors of the community. There were 100 attended and 25 youth served the seniors lunch. Before the lunch was served there was a program of music and singing and also a hymn sing for everyone and also gave a prayer before the meal. It was so nice to see so many young folks taking an active part in the program.

So proud of Francois Lake School; talented bunch of kids

Another week sneaking up on us as it's Wednesday already. No sun yet but it's not snowing either. I feel sorry for the little birds as there is not too much to eat around here yet. I feed them every day and the deer come up onto our veranda and clean out the feeder. I guess they are hungry too.

The proper way to pray

The birds, geese and swans are back, it must be spring

Our long awaited spring I think has come at long last. The birds think so anyway. Robins are back and so are the Red winged Blackbirds and some Bluebirds

Japan needs sisterly help on its path to recovery

Japan is just starting to recover from the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Japanese citizens devastated by the natural disasters and their aftermath need our help.

Spring is really and truly coming in the Lakes District

Snow is melting, best sign yet that spring is really and truly coming.

In 1901 the cost of a 32 Iver Johnson revolver was $5.90

March just about done and maybe spring has sprung, or at least some of the birds think so. The geese are flying in and busy looking for food. We have four robins around, also looking for something to eat. I would think it a bit tough to find any worms yet.

Current events should not alarm us

Jesus’ disciples wanted to know what signs would mark his return.